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Second Opinion

I am happy to give you a second opinion on the value of your case.  Are you being told that your case is not worth much when you know you have a severe injury?  Are your calls not being returned?  Is your case simply moving too slowly?  These are typical reasons that people call me.  I will give you a straight answer as to what I think is the true value of your.  Often people are happily surprised after talking to me when they find out how much their case is really worth.

Many of my clients come to me because they are not happy with how their workers’ compensation case is going.  Often they are not getting their checks, or they are not able to see a good doctor. Of course, the number one biggest reason that clients call me is when they feel like the insurance company is offering a settlement amount that is too low.  Call me and I will be happy to give you a second opinion and tell you what your case is really worth.
Workers' Compensation Second Opinion
Georgia's Workers' Compensation Attorney
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